Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs The traditional deviled eggs recipe is a great way to prepare snacks during the natural fit program. You can easily scale this recipe to make as many eggs as you want. Ingredients 4-8 Eggs (or more, or less, you decide) Mustard Horseradish Cooking Instructions Place your eggs in a pot and cover with …

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Knee Decompression Therapy

Knee Decompression Therapy

Specifically designed to treat chronic knee pain, the KNEE ON TRAC system offers a revolutionary solution for those that live with pain from osteoarthritis, failed surgery, or previous injury. The system is designed to allow concurrent laser therapy, thereby decreasing inflammation, allowing re-hydration, and speed up the healing process. Unlike other equipment, the unique design …

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Back-on-Trac Lumber Decompression Therapy

Lumbar Decompression Therapy Manufactured in the USA and distributed by ERGO-FLEX Technologies, the BACK ON TRAC provides non-invasive back pain therapy. The unique innovative design offers safe effective stretching of the spine in conjunction with the unilateral or bilateral flexion. The added benefit of vibration and heat makes this system one of a kind. This therapeutic exercise …

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