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Davis Family Chiropractic is rated 5 out of 5.0 stars based on 26 review(s).


Dr. Davis cracks me up 😂

- Sean K.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Davis for years and he always makes me feel better once I’ve had my adjustments . Sandi

- Sandi T.


I love Dr. Davis and Rhian! I'm not sure I would be able to make it if I didn't have them helping me! The office staff is also excellent, always know my name and very friendly and helpful.

- Jennifer M.


Fabulous place!!

- Angela P.


The entire practice is awesome!! Very personable and knowledgeable!

- Bekki C.


Feels like walking into a room of friends that show you amazing support!

- Sandy B.


Great staff and Dr. Davis knowledge and professionalism is wonderful.

- Kim R.


Awesome as always. Feel like a brand new person afterwards

- Jamison Z.


Dr. Davis has taken care of my family’s needs ranging from diet/nutrition to chiropractic services. He is flexible and patient, especially when my three-year- old decides she wants a last minute adjustment. I like that he embraced my oldest daughter’s passion of possibly being a chiropractor and allowed her to follow him for the day.

- Julie Simmons


Dr. Davis has taken care of my family's needs ranging from diet/nutrition to chiropractic services. He is flexible and patient, especially when my three-year- old decides she wants a last minute adjustment. I like that he embraced my oldest daughter's passion of possibly being a chiropractor and allowed her to follow him for the day.

- Julie S.


Dr Davis is awesome!! I recommend all of my friends and family to him all the time!

- Trisha C


Adam and his staff are amazing! Feeling better every week!

- Todd Mullen


Friendly helpful staff. Got me pain free in no time!

- Ashley Sidley


They all listen to problems and they all work together for solutions.

- Micki Romano


I Had an hour massage follow by an adjustment by Dr. Davis. Massage was awesome and Dr. Davis was then able to move things back into place. I usually feel better after the first or second visit and he doesn’t keep you going back for multiple treatments. Definitely like Dr. Davis and would recommend him to all my friends!

- Kim Fedler


I Had a massage followed by an adjustment. A prefect combo! Dr. Davis is usually able to fix the problem in one or two visits versus multiple times with other chiropractors. His Staff is super friendly too!

- Kim Fedler


Adam and Ryne do a amazing job. I feel so much better every time I walk out of the office. You guys rock!

- Kelly Farina


Awesome!! I can’t thank Dr Davis enough changed my whole life went on his nutritional program lost over 50lbs and he keeps me straight!! Thanks again!!

- Matthew Ponteri


They have excellent patient care. They are always there for you.

- Leslie Clark


Adam and his team are amazing. Everyone that works with him are friendly and so caring. I love being able to get my treatment from Adam and than follow it up by a great massage by Ryne. I always recommend them to people.

- Heidi Sewell


everyone is always very friendly and there is never any wait time appts are always on schedule

- Gary Church


Dr. Davis is a great chiropractor! He has helped me with my back issues for over a year and my back is feeling better with every visit! I really enjoy his staff they are so helpful and caring! I highly recommend going to see Dr. Davis!

- Catarina Flanigan


Wonderful staff!

- Vivian Buterbaugh


Always there for you. Great patient care.

- Leslie Clark


Dr. Adam Davis and staff are absolutely amazing. They treat my whole family with kindness and respect as we strive for a healthy way of living. Dr. Davis has been able to help my baby girl with her respiratory issues when all the doctors just kept pushing more meds.

- Dawn Rife


Great care and professionalism! Super clean facility with polite and knowledgeable staff and always runs on time and has fit me in when in pain !!!!

- Mary Klco

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can result from a sudden impact that damages muscles, tendons or bones or can develop over time causing pain and loss of function. Fortunately, at Davis Family Chiropractic, we have the ability to improve healing and function that can mean a return to pain-free living for our patients.

Stop suffering with your shoulder injury – call us right now and come in for an exam. Lets get you out of pain!

Shoulder Pain Relief in Oklahoma City

The shoulder is a complicated structure but it’s this very complexity that enables us to reach the top shelf, catch or throw a baseball or even dance the night away. While the internal structure of a shoulder is innately strong, it may not be able to hold up to assaults from repetitive stress, dislocations, severe impacts or the gradual deterioration that results from arthritis.

The variety of pain relief treatments we offer can help an athlete return to the field or court more quickly or help an arthritic patient recover mobility. We have done the research to bring a wide range of therapeutic treatments under one roof, meaning that we can offer our community excellent hope for improvement of shoulder pain—and many other kinds of pain, as well.

Treatments for Shoulder Pain

Because of our knowledge and expanse of therapies, it is possible to help patients overcome a dependence on painkillers, resume normal activities and even avoid surgery in many cases.

  • Many cases benefit from chiropractic treatment to restore mobility to joints in the spine or shoulder itself
  • We have many ways of improving the body’s ability to reduce inflammation, including nutritional counseling and electrical stimulation
  • Function Muscle Restoration helps free up muscles that may have locked due to injury
  • Lifestyle changes and at-home exercises help each patient contribute to healing and maintain long-term mobility

For many patients with shoulder pain, these treatments may be all that is needed. But in cases when more intensive healing is needed, we may choose to incorporate our regenerative medicine treatments into a patient’s regimen.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Treatment Options in OKC for Shoulder Pain

Regenerative medicine involves the use of injections to stimulate and assist the body’s natural ability to heal. These injections utilize cellular elements that are known to provide anti-inflammatory effects and to help the body rebuild damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissue.

This article discusses the value of mesenchymal stem cells in the repair of rotator cuff damage.

The forms of regenerative medicine we offer include platelet-rich plasma and mesenchymal stem cells. Platelets are tiny blood cells activated when the body suffers an injury. They go right to work to start healing. By concentrating a patient’s own platelets and injecting this plasma into the area that needs to heal, great improvement of shoulder pain is possible.

Mesenchymal stem cells are among the world’s most active type of cell when it comes to growth and repair factors. They are derived from fluids in the umbilical cord. After cesarean births and with the consent of the mother, these fluids are utilized in the treatment of many types of pain and injury. By injecting these active cells into an injured area, it’s possible to restore function and often, even prevent the need for surgery.

Learn more by contacting us. Tell us about your need for a reduction of pain and a restoration of youthful vigor and activity. We are ready to help.

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