Month: May 2019

Stem Cell Therapy Contradictions

Therapeutic contradictions Exacerbated vasculitis: capillaritis, phlebitis, arteristis (treatment with fetal stem cells is possible after at least three months of remission). Acute thrombosis (treatment is possible not earlier than 3-6 months after exacerbation). Acute hemophthalmia (after 3 months). Expressed pulmonary hypertension secondary to vasculitis, thrombosis, pneumonia, development of acute or subacute pulmonary heart. Terminal stage …

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Besides orthopedic what other conditions can be helped with stem cell therapy?

Any conditions that are degenerative in nature are likely to be helped with stem cell therapy. Brain based diseases – Alzheimer’s, dementia, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) Nerve disease – neuropathy Lung disease – COPD, emphysema Heart disease – congestive heart failure Liver disease Kidney disease Intestinal disease Skin conditions Erectile dysfunction Hair restoration Aesthetics

What is the difference between stem cell types?

The umbilical cord has millions of concentrated mesenchymal stem cells within the Wharton’s Jelly. Even though there are healing and anti-inflammatory growth factors and cytokines in the amniotic fluid, cord blood and other fetal tissues lack the large concentration of MSC found in the umbilical cord. The highest concentration of MSC are toward the baby’s …

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