Asthma Relief Testimonial

“Hi, my name is Chris Fankhauser. I’m originally from Jefferson and this is my son, AJ. For the last several years we had not lived in the area; we lived in North Canton, and, actually, last summer we ran into doctor Davis at a family event. Got to talking with him, and AJ, when he was one year old, was diagnosed with asthma. Regardless of what preventative measures or maintenance medication we had him on, every time he had a cold he would cough just absolutely hysterically and he would have to resort to using his oral steroid. In talking to doctor Davis, we decided to come here last summer. Doctor Davis checked out AJ and realized that his adrenals were a little bit affected and his immune system was affect and started AJ on supplements. Within about two weeks of having him on the supplements, his cough was diminished and I am proud to say that since August of last year, we’ve had our fair share of colds, but AJ has not once had to turn to his oral steroid. It seems like he’s just a normal little boy with a cold and the asthma is not bothering him. So, I would encourage anyone with a story like mine to come check doctor Davis out. It’s a very comfortable environment and you won’t be sorry that you came.”

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