Back-on-Trac Lumber Decompression Therapy

Lumbar Decompression Therapy

Manufactured in the USA and distributed by ERGO-FLEX Technologies, the BACK ON TRAC provides non-invasive back pain therapy. The unique innovative design offers safe effective stretching of the spine in conjunction with the unilateral or bilateral flexion. The added benefit of vibration and heat makes this system one of a kind. This therapeutic exercise can help improve flexibility and mobility while the vibration component is not only relaxing to the patient but can stimulate circulation and the nerve pathways.

What to expect during your office visit

Using the Back-on-Trac is very easy and comfortable!  There are no cumbersome restraints, belts or harnesses and it takes only seconds for one of our therapy technicians to set you up.  

You sit back in the chair, the arm restraints are lowered and adjusted under your armpits, and a handle is used to keep your arms in the proper position during traction.  Our tech will restrain your legs and that’s it, you’re ready to relax! Your protocol is entered and the machine rocks you back into supine position. After a short pause, the back is extended and the machine works through it’s set protocol for the duration set up by the technician. For your comfort, soothing vibration and heat are also available, just ask your therapy tech to turn these features on or off.  At the completion of the protocol, the machine returns to the starting position, leg and arm restraints are removed and you are ready to go!

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