Weight Loss Testimonial

“I had a lot of health issues and I was overweight. I didn’t really feel that I had the knowledge or the will power to take care of it, so I cam to see Dr. Davis after hearing his name many times. He was able to help me lose 42 lbs. on the diet that he has. I felt really good while I was on the diet. I wasn’t ever hungry. I went down three or four pants sizes, which was a good thing. I had a lot of other issues with my back and allergies and asthma. The medication that I am taking now it almost nothing compared to what I was taking. And now I have the skills too If I put on a couple pounds I know what I need to do to take it off. So, I learned a lot about how to change my life and live healthy. “

Learn how you can shed excess weight while decreasing aches and pains all while becoming the healthier version of you you’ve always dreamed of! Schedule an appointment today to see our nutritionist and start on your path to feel, look, and live better with Advanced Healthcare Solutions!

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